Barefoot Brazil
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South America has some of the world's most stunning and beautiful women... and nothing represents South America more than the country of Brazil.

Brazil has some world-class women, who have naturally attractive Feet.

That is exactly why this site was created: To show off the majesty of Brazil's Barefoot Babes... to bring to the world the beautiful soles and gorgeous feet that this wonderful country has to offer.

You won't see fake, made-up girls here... these girls are the REAL THING. Girls who love to be barefoot and adore the fact that you enjoy their feet.

Just like anywhere else, there is great variety in these girls feet: Skinny, Slender, Long, Short, Wide and Trim... but one thing remains constant, which is that these are some of the prettiest feet in the world.

Click around to see some amazing bare feet, toes and soles from these tan beauties!

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